Air Duct Cleaning 101!

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

There are two components to HVAC cleaning: breaking contaminants loose and collection of contaminants. To brake contaminants loose the technician will use brushes, air whips and compressed air nozzles. To collect the contaminants the technician will use a HEPA Vacuum system.

Each HVAC cleaning job is unique. A Technician will usually access duct interiors through existing openings like returns, floor and ceiling vents. In some cases the cleaning technician will need to cut a access hole in the duct work to properly clean the air ducts.

When Mold is found in the HVAC system, as a result of moisture and condensation. A chemical that is registered with the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency) is used to remediate the mold.

Air Duct Cleaning

Reasons to have your air ducts cleaned?

Indoor pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than the amount outdoors pollutants. Therefore having your air ducts cleaned can improve the air quality in your home.

Mold can develop in your HVAC system and spores can flow through the entire system which will cause an infestation. This can lead to congestion, red or itchy eyes, fatigue and those with impaired immune systems, serious infections can occur. 

Your air ducts are like the lungs of your home, they filter out unpleasant air to produce more purified air.

If your air ducts are not up to performance you can lose up to 25% loss of airflow. You may notice buildup of dirt or dust more often in your home, this means that the air filter in your HVAC system is dirty and not properly running.

Rodents and pests can find access to get in your ducts, leaving dander and rodent droppings that can infiltrate your airstream.

Leave it up to the professionals

We suggest that you get your Air Ducts inspected every 3-5 years by a reputable company like Breathe Easy Solution’s, to ensure that you and your family are breathing clean air. At Breathe Easy Solutions we use specialized equipment to properly clean your air ducts and system. Our technicians use rotating brushes, HEPA vacuums and the RAMAIR cleaning system to remove debris and dirt from your ducts. We are leading the way to guarantee beneficial functioning of your HVAC system and healthier living for you and your loved ones.